Bucear hasta donde siempre hay paz

Bucear hasta donde siempre hay paz
Leela explores living in war and finding refuge in Continuum, where we find peace, rest, rejuvenation, and healing.

Diving to where Peace always Is.

War is a strong traumatic experience.
Every trauma affects us and is stored in our body-mind system.
In these last 7 months I have personally experienced the human phenomena of War and its effects.

When a traumatic event occurs, our systems go automatically into survival mode. When we are in survival mode we become, many times, “Super humans”: we have extra physical strength, extreme calmness, clarity and courage that creates precise behaviors that help us best cope with the extreme situations.

Only in the post traumatic phase, which comes after dealing with the extreme situation our body-mind system starts to experience post traumatic phenomenons: disconnection from the body, difficulty sleeping, extreme wakefulness together with extreme fatigue, different areas in the body ache almost all the time, repetitive thoughts and memories create fear, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, and deep sadness that can turn into depression and despair that might go so deep and even lead to an unwillingness to live.

Even if one is not involved personally in an extreme catastrophe, just living in a state of war creates traumas. Some of my personal experiences are: feeling the house shaking when bombs fall around, seeing bombs flying through the sky, hearing sirens, moving out of my home because it was dangerous to stay, as it is too close to the border and could be directly hit, running away or hiding from terrorist because there is an alarm suggesting there is a possibility they entered the village that I live in. Experiences that most of us in the western world see only in movies or TV series. This state, especially when lasting a long time, months or years, creates a “chronic trauma” that has milder body-mind symptoms, but nevertheless has a strong effect on our physical, emotional and mind well-being.

A few months ago, I had a very meaningful and profound experience. I was giving individual and group somatic sessions to people that were in the Hamas massacre in Gaza strip on the 7th of October 2023. All of them were experiencing strong post-traumatic symptoms. In the sessions, almost everyone relaxed to such a depth that qualities of silence, security, softness and relaxation re-appeared in them. They all thought that I was the one who gave them this experience, but I pointed them to the fact that I hadn’t created these qualities, but rather they had connected to a place within themselves, where these qualities are always found. The fact that even though their psycho-physical system on the upper layer still re-lived the trauma, below the surface, at a greater depth, the peace and security continued to exist, untouched by the events, amazed me.

None of these people were Continuum practitioners nor the practitioners of any other conscious technique. They spontaneously dropped to a very deep place in themselves, probably because they were so exhausted, when they came to a place that they felt secure enough and when they followed guiding instructions, their system could relax deep enough to touch the currents of peace and healing.

As a result of this experience I started to have Continuum dives with experienced practitioners, to explore our ability to consciously dive internally and go through all the layers of our traumas, until we penetrate and reach these streams of peace, and allow ourselves to rest there, rejuvenate and be healed.

The willingness to connect again and again to the depth of our being, allows clarity and wisdom to emerge, that enables us to meet ourselves and the world anew. From this point we can act kindly and compassionately toward ourselves and towards others even when we are in the midst of very high emotional waves.

I pray that each and every one of us, whether in a war situation or in a normal one, would keep on diving to our deepest layers to meet this Peace that always is, and let it flow from our internal fountain of sanity and resonate its qualities to the vast net of existence.